Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Murray?" (My son calls the Queen of Heaven Murray)

"Murray socks on? Murray, mumblemumble... bad snake?"

No, Murray doesn't need socks to step on that bad snake, Yuyum.


Kaila said...

Aww,that's so sweet :-)

Cheryle said...

Hi Lisa,
When my Daniel was little he told me God's name was Howard. I was puzzled and asked how we knew this. He said, "It says so in our prayers... you know, Our Father, Who art in Heaven, Howard be Thy name..." LOL

BTW, Jess spends a lot of time in Ridgway. You'll have to email me privately and let me know where you all are at and when you're there. Maybe we could coordinate a time when you're going to be there and he's headed that way and I'd tag along and get to see you. It's been too long!
God Bless,