Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Sense of Place

The Bloggers of the World Award, originally awarded by Cojito at the blog, Life, way back at the turn of the year, has made its way around the globe to little old me, by way of wonderful Cathy at A Bit of the Blarney!

I apologize to Cathy for taking so long to post this honor. The world (my world) has rather gotten away from me lately! But, I appreciate this award in a special way, truly, because it's the last one I would have expected to get!

I'm contentedly provincial, very untraveled, especially planted in one spot. The farthest I have ever traveled is Spain, and that's only because I was a Navy baby, born where my Dad happened to be stationed at the time. I was back in the states again before I was two years old, lived between Maryland and South Carolina for the next twelve years, and ventured west with the family when I was fourteen, when my Dad retired.

Many happy memories and many of our extended family members still live in the southeast, but I consider myself a Coloradan. I love this place. I love it because it's where I learned to drive a car, where I grew to be an adult, where I met my husband, where my children were born. I love it for its rugged history and I love its incredible natural beauty. Anyone who's ever been here knows that Colorado is God's country.

Or, well, at least it's my country.

It's become a part of my identity, being a Coloradan. So, if a sense of place makes you a Blogger of the World, I think that might be something I do have. Thank-you, Cathy!

And, I pass the baton on to:
Ann at A.R.T. Servant, because, as a military Mom, her heart is all over the world,
Margaret at Minnesota Mom for her sense of place,
and Marie at Big is Beautiful because she lives clear around the world from me in Australia, but her concerns are close to home.


His Servant: Ann Kraeger said...

Thank you for that tribute and congratulations to you. My heart is all over the world and will be as long as my boys are there also. Like you though I am a person of this place. New York State and particularly Central New York is in my heart and my blood and you can't take me away. I have traveled to many states in this great country but they all convince me that I need to be home.
Colorado, though, I find fascinating. I have a new neighbor who moved here from there and I love listening to tales of there and seeing pics.
Thank you for your thoughtfulness and also for your prayers and comments. It is nice to know that the greater world out there cares.

GrandmaK said...

No matter where in the world one must reside, we who have lived in and loved Colorado, indeed know that it is God's country!!! God bless you and congratulations again!!! Cathy

Bia said...

Congratulations, Lisa! This is a perfect award for you because when your share a little of your world, then our world is a better place!

God bless, and have a wonderful weekend.

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Thank you, Lisa! Know that you always have a friend in Minnesota, should you want to see it IRL.

PS. I recommend coming in the spring or summer. ;)

NannyKaren said...

Congratulations! Cathy. I enjoyed my visit!

PBXVI said...

I noticed that you're from Colorado as well! I live on the Western Slope (Montrose), so I was just fascinated to see your blog! God Bless you for raising such a large family!

God Bless!