Sunday, November 4, 2007

Tinker, Tailor, Artist, Accountant, Food Stylist?

" Yuyum" (almost 2 now!) has taken, just in the last two or three days, to manipulating and organizing, in the most unusual ways. See the concentration here, as he arranges bits of cheese into patterns on the fall tablecloth. Definitely a tactile in the making. He sat there, arranging cheese for about a half hour! That's major attention span for this little whirlwind, let me tell you! Isn't it fun to watch them developing talents and interest?

I love meeting these little people as they grow!

How could anyone think that this number 11 child should not be here in this world! Though there is no doubt that it's a struggle in many ways ~ not the least being the world's disapproval of our lifestyle ~ we have never felt anything but blessed by God's bounty in all our children. Every single one, and the entire as a group belonging to us.

I found the most wonderful blog this morning that expresses our feelings so perfectly. Christy, at Mum2Twelve, eloquently answers that oft-posed question: What, are you crazy? I couldn't possibly state it better myself! Run over and have a read if you haven't already seen this one!


Theresa said...

He sure is silly hu?

SuzyQ said...

Beautiful, Funny and Touching. Thanks for sharing Lisa.
He's a cutie!