Friday, November 23, 2007

The boys serenading us after Thanksgiving dinner

This is the song I am a Fine Musician in German.

The boys in the choir at the Academy in Omaha use this song as a warm-up. They began our sing-along for us by entertaining us with this one. What a hoot! I wish I'd gotten the whole thing, but I'm afraid, as it is, this video may slow people's computers down.

Please let me know if that happens, and I'll delete it. If it isn't a problem, though, I'll try to add the family rendition of Ave Maria. (Hopefully that one will turn out with brighter picture quality!)

* Just in case you wondered, "doodlesack" means bagpipes.


Soutenus said...

Too cool!! They actually have awesome voices -- but you already know that!
Can't wait for Ave Maria.

Lisa said...

Hi, Peggy! I'm having troubles with the Ave Maria, doggone it! But, I'll hopefully have some better quality recordings if I let son #3, my techno-wizard take charge next time! At Christmas Break. I'm so new to this stuff! I'd never even taken a video recording before Thursday! But, thank-you for the compliments! The boys sound even better on the serious stuff, but I'm not biased or anything. &:o) REALLY!

Bia said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with all your family. I really enjoyed the singing . . . music adds so much to an occasion. Thanks for sharing. God bless.