Friday, November 16, 2007

Teaparty Break

The girls take a break from packing to host a teaparty for our neighbor friend. (What are they going to do without their best playmate right next door??) See what great tables and chairs boxes make?

L-R: Anna, Theresa, our friend, Lindsey, Cathy and Michelle


SuzyQ said...

What sweet pictures:0)
Isn't it great how the simplest things can be the best fun for kids.

Soutenus said...

Our family took an unexpected trip this week and that let us have lots of "talk time" in our car. We talked about your blog and Colorado --- thanks for sharing your life adventure with us. It is inspiring and full of love.
God bless.

j.a.varela said...

I´m coming from mum2twelve. Congratulations for your blog. I will pay a carrefull visit to it. I believe our both families have many things in common despite the distance.


Bia said...

Not having any girls, I so appreciate the photo of the tea party. I also love the title and the accompanying photo of your blog. I told my husband that I wanted to find a mountain around here, hike to the top, and erect a cross. I don't know if he believed me, but when I pulled out a few maps he started to look a little worried!

T with Honey said...

Tea with pretzels... that looks like a fun afternoon!

Lisa said...

~ Thank-you, Suzy! It's trued, isn't it? They don't need anything fancy, and are probably better off altogether with it simple, huh?

~ Peggy, you're so sweet! Have you ever visited Colorado?

~ Mr. Varela, Welcome! I'm so glad you visited! I wish I could speak Spanish so I could read your blog! My sons are taking Spanish in school, though, so I'm going to test their progress by having them translate for me as they're able!

~ Bia, the boys can talk forever about that mountain trek! You should try it! &:o)

~TwH, LOL! Pretzels are about all we had not packed already! &:o) And it was ice tea in the teeny cups. But, they didn't mind a bit!

j.a.varela said...


Why don´t you try with the translator? It ´s not a great help but some times....

Any way, feel free to comment in english. You will be highly appreciated.


Lisa said...

LOL! Mr. Varela, we tried the translator, much to everyone's amusement, as the word choices do not translate exactly to somewhat disjointed and silly result, as I'm sure you know. We'll continue to try, though! And we'll just look at the pictures, if nothing else!
~ Lisa

j.a.varela said...

Well, you know Lisa that in italian they say "tradutore, traditore".

Thanks a lot for visiting us. And by the way, looking at the pictures of my nephew in Iowa, we´ll enjoy our summer sun even more.