Friday, November 9, 2007

How Do You Re-energize?

I remember taking a quizlet at a Homeschool Conference years ago to determine how best to avoid Homeschool Mom Burnout. One of the aims of the quiz was to point out to us moms where each of us found her best true "down time." And, then, of course, we were all encouraged to have no guilt about indulging prudently in whatever this was.

For some it was going out and spending time with girlfriends. Some needed the peace and pampering of long tub soaks ~ away from the crowd. Quite a few loved to lose themselves in books. Some needed to be in tune with nature. Plenty loved to go shopping, of course!

My problem was that I couldn't fit myself completely into any one of those re-energizing niches. The idea of every one of them appeals! But, I have to be in the mood; any one of them wouldn't be the ticket for me every time. (Though time alone with my wh with a pint of Guiness on Billy Goat Gruff's patio in Ouray comes very close.)

But, I've found the one perfect thing that I can access at any time, which does combine and nurture all the above interests, and is perfectly relaxing to me, though somewhat addicting.

Well, yeah, of course, it's blogging. As a non-stress pastime that enhances my other vocations and interests, it fills the bill nicely. If I could only somehow connect it with exercise, it would be the perfect hobby.

How do you re-energize? (Is coffee part of your routine, like it is mine?)


Joannof10 said...

I have to say that blogging is certainly one way I re-energize. The other would be sewing.
No coffee, just diet-coke.

Therese said...

Sewing use to be mine too Joann. I haven't sewn much since we moved in June last year though. I am hoping that once I get back from Adelaide with Tom I will do more. I think that my blog definitely re-energizes me.

Lisa said...

Oh, wow, wish I could sew! It just frustrates the bejeebers out of me! I think it's because I self-taught myself very poorly!

Soutenus said...

Hmmmmm, interesting question.
I choose from a list of a few things that seem to change as time goes by.
1) visiting blog friends (AWTY, Radical Catholic Mom, Vox Nova, Catholic Warrior)
2) curling up on my couch & reading - lately with my 8 year old son!
3) grooming my horse that isn't quite ride ready yet
4) escaping into the chapel at school