Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What Goes On Around Here

Altar Boy Practice

Dominic constructed the practice altar for his little brothers, and Gabriel scrounged around to find all the "props." He even dug up an old cassock to practice in and has grand plans for making a little "tabernacle" to put on the practice altar. (The biggest disappointment of his ten years is that he's not allowed to use the chop saw by himself...)

Gabriel and William are the fifth and sixth altar boys Dan has helped train.  When the big brothers are around, they help, as well.  When Dominic was here, he quizzed them on their Latin and built the practice altar, and being in Omaha now, we get the special bonus of a seminarian big brother (Frater Philip) to help the little boys with the rubrics on the altar at our parish on Wednesdays after Mass.  With all this practice, they'll be up there next to Jesus with the big guys before we know it.

And then there's this:
Practicing outdoors is a very special thing for the boys.  They love it.  So serene outside, with the birds singing in the background and the sun beginning to set behind the trees...  But it's not without distraction.
Check out Penny trying to get in on the act...  and look at William's face. 

"No dogs allowed in church, Penny!"
See my men here?  I just have to share. Each of them is so in character.  William, a man of quick decision and instant action, jumps up to shoo sweet Penny away; Gabriel speaks words of kind rebuke; Dan watches the little boys' handling of the whole situation and tries not to laugh.  Poor woebegone Penny.  Her every motive is pure love and loyalty; she just wanted to be in on the action with her boys.  I bet the angels loved her up as she found herself a place out from under foot...


auntie said...

This scene brings back so many sweet memories of my boys. They set up practice altars in their closet and made all the vessels out of legos. God surely smiles on such devotion and diligence.

Anne said...

One of my littles gets to say "Mass" today in the classroom. All the boys take turns. Very sweet.. His intention for the Mass? Two priest's safe travels!
Surely, God loves this!