Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Did I mention that someone here just turned eleven?

 And the family sang the birthday song in turkey gobble.
Thus the silly looking faces... You just had to be there, folks.  You never heard anything like it in your life!
His actual birthday was on the12th -- but I had to slip this birthday post in when he wasn't looking, because he says I blog on him too much....  How could I ever?  (Shown here with Dan, Anna, Theresa, and Frater Philip -- though Dominic, William, and Cathy were there, too, singing in turkey, too)

Happy Birthday, Gabriel Joseph!
A man among men,
diligent, hard-working, and sober -
who likes a bit of trifle.

Many blessings, prayers, and love -- always always!

Tropical Trifle Recipe
(aka: 'Somethin' Good')

Layer in amounts to your liking:

*angel food cake, torn up into 1"-2" chunks

*vanilla pudding and/or banana pudding
 into which 
*bananas have been sliced 
and *shredded coconut has been added 
Whipped sweetened heavy cream (or Cool Whip),
 into which well-drained *tangerines 
and *cherries have been stirred

Top with circus cookies, shortbread cookies -- or whatever you think is tasty and/or pretty -- and maybe a whipped cream topping.

Refrigerate for an hour or so to cool thoroughly...

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