Monday, April 6, 2015

Our Easter in Pictures


The house decked out for the day...
Living room into dining room 
Dining room into kitchen
The candy table
 Four of the children decked out for Easter
Cathy, Dominic, Anna, Theresa before Easter Vigil...
The pictures we took of the little boys were lost due to a corrupted memory card in
my camera, unfortunately...  :(  So, stay tuned for a special Easter suit photo shoot.
 What Everyone Was Doing
Philip Lawrence serenaded us...
There was a lot of talking and eating and visiting and eating...  and eating.
L-R: Wynn and Jamie Shedenhelm, Dominic with James Broadman behind him, & Cathy

 And Outside
It was a beautiful day!
Here's the whole gang, minus me and Dan. L-R, B-F: James Broadman, Taner Shedenhelm,
Dominic, Philip Lawrence, Wynn next to his sisters, Jamie and Christi Shedenhelm,
next to Cathy, then Gabe, William, Anna, and Theresa in front.
The windblown tables after dinner was cleared and everyone
had deserted them to go play...
Games played: some strange assimilation of soccer, football, and swinging on
the tree swing + plus some good old fashioned goofing around...

There's just something about William that makes people want to pick him up and
throw him around... (Here Gabe's being toted around by Wynn)
Anna and Christi, probably talking about cats.  You can't tell by the pictures, but
the kitties were underfoot everywhere all day long!
And then the Campfire

Looking down on the campfire...

Sitting around the campfire.
Scoot back away from them, Philip.  The zombie strain comes out after they've
had too much sugar...
Yeah...  I don't know them, either, Jaimie...
Dominic re-enacting saving Gabriel.  (His foot had been caught in the crook of the tree...)
Isn't he a good brother?  Sorta.
And, last of all, the symbolic offering of the Easter Peep on the Easter campfire...
The deal was that when the peep was gone, the kids all had to head back to Omaha.
It was sad to contemplate the end of the day.  Yes, indeed.
(That.  And the waste of a perfectly good peep.)

And so ended the day.  With fond farewells, pockets full of jellybeans, and a
charcoal peep on the campfire.  It was a good day.  We're grateful for the
bounty God provided for us to be able to have the feast, for good friends and good
food -- but most of all for the cause of the Feast: the redemption of our souls,
through the death and resurrection of Christ.  It's all so good, but especially that.

Happy Easter to Everyone!

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