Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Christmas Tour of the White Board

Welcome to Davis command central: the white board.  It takes up half of one wall in the kitchen, right by the door to the dining room, and since pretty much everyone comes into the house through the kitchen door, it's practically impossible to miss it.

See Stan Laurel there?  Dominic drew that for us right after he helped mount the white board, shortly after we moved here in September.  Since no one can bear to erase Stanley, we've turned him into an ever-changing Ollie and Stanley quote billboard, and as the kids have pretty much memorized every one of their films, the quotes are endless.   

Over here in the bottom corner we have the inevitable Christmas countdown.  Theresa lettered this for us -- and found the perfect little magnet to add. (This is from yesterday; today finds us at only 15 more days to go!)

Then there's this:
The last one was:"Don't be a cotton headed Ninny Muggins!"
We're doing Christmas-themed advice right now...

And, last but not least, we have our lists -- the white board's chief composition, the content which holds it together and gives it meaning.  First, there's the general shopping list:

Followed by more specific Christmas baking lists, like this one for Magi Bread:

We've been building a "movies-we-want-to-buy" list for a while now:

But this is my favorite list:

Because the sole of Gabe's sneaker has come loose -- and guess what he couldn't find to fix it himself?  Such a guy.
"No duct tape in this house? What the heck?"

(Possibly the best thing Gabe could find in his stocking Christmas morning?)

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Cathy Keller said...

Don't have room for one on the wall in the new house but it's a great idea!!! You also have a talented artist!!! Have a grand evening!!! Cathy