Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ireland Dreams, Wedding Rings, Christmas Bling

Ben and Michelle
This may be the most challenging Christmas for us yet. Oh my stars! Things are tight to begin with, having endured the cost of an expensive move in September -- and just the fact of living seems to suck money out of the bank account... Everyone we know is struggling this way! But on top of the daily-daily, we're looking forward to Dan's and my trip to Ireland in April (the airline tickets were my birthday present from my family, but the rest of the trip is on Dan, bless him!) -- and now we're also anticipating Michelle and Ben's wedding in June!

No need for a convertible, then, right?

Not like I'm complaining, mind you!  But, my eyes are bigger than my wallet.  (Or, er, Dan's wallet...)  Planning an itinerary for a trip to Ireland, you can't help but run into the most amazing (and pricey) B&Bs... And imagine renting a convertible to drive around the Irish countryside! (=sigh=)

 And, then there's the wedding coming up -- and Pintrest wedding boards!  Oh my goodness, the beautiful venues, the fabulous decorations, the spectacular wedding dresses we could buy...  (=sigh=)  Not to mention the ideas I keep having for gifts to give the happy couple...  I could spend millions!

But, truly.  I am tying my expectations down with my shoestrings. I know that the happiness in our Ireland trip and Shell's wedding have nothing to do with bling --  money isn't going to make them special.  The very fact of them is special.  Beyond special.  And so exciting!  And Christmas is joy and beauty all by itself.  The birth of Christ doesn't need bling!

But, fair warning, kids...  You've heard of skinny jeans?  You may be getting some skinny stockings this year. Like these.  Aren't they cute?

Thanks for taking one for the team,
Paul and Nicole, Kevvy, Frater, Dominic, and Michelle.
We love you so much!

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