Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Examples of Love and Kindness

Best pals: Penny, the kitties' "stepmom" snuggling into a corner of the woodpile outside our dining room window this morning. (No worries; when it's really cold, they're all piled up in the mudroom!) See the little white kitten, closest to Penny's nose? That's Jeeves; he's a deaf white kitten, which is usually a death sentence for a barn cat -- but not for this one. See how Jeeves' ear looks all wet and slobbery? That's where Penny has been kissing him.  He has a particular Guardian Angel in our St. Bernard. Pretty neat. We get a big kick out of the sweetness of this gentle giantess.
The big kids will remember another deaf white barn cat (Felix) that lived to a venerable old age because of a guardian doggy --, Anthony (of sainted memory)... I think the heavenly appointed Guardian Angel of the cats and dogs pairs up animals like this sometimes. 

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