Friday, May 2, 2014

Twenty-seven Years Today

After considerable chasing...
I let this guy catch me

We won't say who was doing the most chasing....

So, here you have Lisa and Dan...


May 2, 1987

And then...


 And the family grew exponentially from this point...

Paul and Nicole were married in 2010
Our grandson, Gavin James, was born in 2011;
Our grandaughter, Evelyn Elizabeth, was born this past March, 2014

All because two people fell in love.

God has been very good to us!

Anniversary Prayer

O Lord, omnipotent and eternal God, 
we give you thanks and we bless your holy name. 
You created man and woman in your image and blessed their union, 
so that each would be for the other a help and support. 
Remember us today. 
Protect us and grant that our love may be in the image 
of the devotion and love of Christ for his Church. 
Grant us a long and fruitful life together, in joy and in peace,
so that, through your Son and in the Holy Spirit, 
our hearts may always rise to you in praise and goods works. 

(And, did we say thank You already?)

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