Tuesday, May 6, 2014

In the Month of Mary

From William to the Blessed Mother...

The children were singing in the kitchen the other day while they cleaned up after lunch -- and much to their annoyance, I made them come in the dining room so I could record them.  They were fairly good sports, none of them being particularly shy, but they are their own worst critics, let me tell you!  As soon as William finished Virgo Maria (which -- sorry! -- I clipped a little at the end there), he had to remark on how he thought it was so terrible.  Really?  I can't say I thought so at all!  No mother could ever think that sweet soprano was anything but sublime.

  The recording (below) of The Lorica cracks me up, watching the children's faces throughout.  It's just so them!  They're going to hate that I included this recording -- but someday, when they're older and can look back and laugh, they'll appreciate that it was saved here.  Sure they will! It's a moment in time that will never come again!   And, anyway, this mother -- and their Heavenly Mother, too, I know -- love it, no matter what.

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Aunt Nina said...

I'm proud to say it runs in the family! Right down to the silliness at the end!! Good job my family VON DAVIS!