Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Christmas Chronicles: What are you -- NUTS, Dominic?

Dominic arrived home from his seminary studies about a week before Christmas, and got right to it.  Watch how he decorates...

The East Wall

 The South Wall

ARGHHHHH!  Do I need to say that if I were home when he did this, he wouldn't have done this?  Go figure his sisters feeling like it was a camera-worthy occasion, though, huh?  (They knew I'd fuss, but just had to show me....)  

 The Nativity Scene
Running water passes in front of the Creche, falling into this rounded well at the corner,
where the water is recirculated and runs back around, continuously.  Sounds like a real
running brook.  Awesome!

The shepherds at their little camp, crossing the bridge to reach the Holy Family.
You can't see it in this picture, but they have a little campfire, which flickers
with one of those tny battery operated "candles" surrounded by pieces of yellow
and red tissue paper.  One of my favorite touches every year.
The whole scene is backed into a corner of the
family room, under a blue sheet skyscape,
complete with white light "stars" and flanked
by a multitude of evergreen trees...

St. Joseph and the Blessed Mother kneeling in anticipation of
the Christ Child on Christmas Eve.. We all liked the added
embellishment of the architectural detail behind the Blessed
Mother on the wall of the stable.
It wasn't as big as last year's scene, of course.  We may never again have that kind of space to devote to our manger! (It filled the whole music room!)  But Dominic somehow managed to create a "magical" feel to this smaller, more intimate scene -- one that I'm not sure translates into the pictures.  I wish I could show it to you in person!  The sound of the water and the subtlety of the light, plus the general layout just felt very special this year.  All the little animals are scattered about; the shepherds, who started out at their own little shack, with its own little campfire and woodpile, moved on Christmas, and are now surrounding the front of the stable, never moving a muscle as the little grey mouse scampers about and hides in the night.  They look on in reverent attitude with the donkey and the cow and all the woodland animals as the little image of the Christ Child smiles sweetly over the scene.  A wonderful scene for contemplating the reason for the season.  Great job son!

The Landing at the Top of the Stairs

Where Dominic famously said:  "I need a little help with my swag."
We agreed that he did.
But, we love you anyway!

And thank-you, Dominic, for all your hard work, and creative genius!  It's a miracle that we could move across the country and a couple of weeks later be completely decorated for Christmas with all our old familiar things.  You rock, son. You're nuts, but you rock!

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