Monday, January 6, 2014

The Children's Latest Video Release

What they do when they're bored.  (And Dominic is home to edit!)  This cracks Dan and me up every time we watch it!

(Incidentally, the video, which was downloaded onto Youtube, isn't coming up on some venues -- not sure why... perhaps a copyrite issue with the song.  Hope it survives here.  If not, I'll try to download straight from the files on our computer. )


anne p said...

Ok.. The only thing I can think of is how awesome this is.. then I think of this

Asher was a kid from the Springs church till his family moved to England. He was really very funny...

Lisa said...

LOL! Just went over to see it! What a crack up! :)) I know Kim F. through internet mainly (and she is the bomb!), but our kids have never really hung out, I don't think. I think they'd have a LOT in common! The Idaho boys videos are hilarious, too, Anne! Where'd these people come from, I ask you? I would have been way too self conscious ti do such a thing at their ages -- not to mention clueless about how to do it! Love it, though! :)