Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Caravan Has Arrived at Camp...

That's me with the frizzy hair in the wagon...  ;0)

Still unloading trunks and pitching tents, so to speak, but we're here!  All our travels were safe and smooth, and, except for a few hitches resulting mostly from short-sighted planning (like, we haven't gotten this down yet, really?), all went amazing well this time around.

First of all, we got rid of a LOT of stuff before the move.  It took five or more 26' trucks to move us five years ago; this time it took two 24' trucks and a just a smidgeon more that we'll haul over in a little pull-behind trailer in a couple of weeks.

(Please excuse the couple of incidents of language in this....  but it's just
so classic, this Carlin philosophy -- and so true....  couldn't resist posting it.)

Also making things much easier than expected, we had TONS of help.  All the children ended up making appearances -- not all at the same time, but each of them at key times.  Considering we expected none of the grown up youngins to be able to help, this was unexpected and wondrous! Their help was invaluable!  And getting to see everyone was fabulous -- even under the circumstances.

Finally, through the prayers of many loved ones (you know who you are!) God's mercy and goodness seemed to have paved the way soft and smooth from Western Colorado, across Utah, Arizona, and most of Nevada to our new home in Las Vegas.  For both truckload trips and all our helpers' commutes (notwithstanding Michelle's adventure getting stranded in a snowstorm on Vail Pass, from which she  and her car both escaped unscathed...)  We are very grateful!

Yes, He is good all the time.  And  Every where!

Pictures coming soon!


Cathy Keller said...

Well done!!! You have had quite a great adventure!!! It is safe to say that there will be tales to tell for years to come. I know! We have those kinds of gathering and when our "Great Adventures" come us the tales are "wild and free!" Have a grand weekend!!! Wish I could help you unpack...

Natalie said...

Good luck at your new place in the Las Vegas Desert. I know it's not your ideal place to live but I think your family tends to make the best out of a bad situation. It's a wonderful "can-do" attitude. I can't wait to see pictures of how everything goes from here on out. I'm sure your hubby is happy to have his family with him now. =)