Sunday, November 3, 2013

Parade of the Saints: All Saints' Day, 2013

Guess the Saints, name the children:

 (This is for all the siblings who missed All Saints' Day at home, but it's for you, especially, Brother Philip and Fr. Borja!)

(Theresa helped with writing this one...)

I was born in Dalmatia in 329. When I was young all I cared about was my schooling. But God called for me and I answered and fled to the desert to become a hermit.  I am most famous for translating the Bible into Latin.  My feast is September 3rd.
 Who am I?

(Mom helped with writing this one..)

I was born in 1891 in Mexico.  I was the 3rd of 11 children.  I became a Jesuit in 1911.  After I finished my studies in Europe I came home to Mexico, where Catholics were being persecuted by an evil government.  Catholics were forbidden to practice the Faith and priests were not allowed to offer the Mass.  But many brave priests, like me, snuck around in disguises like the one I'm wearing, bringing the Sacraments to the people.  I was known for my great sense of humor; also for my great prayer life.  The evil government captured me in 1927 and I was executed without a trial on November 23rd.  My last words were: Viva Cristo Rey!
 Who am I?

(The three girls researched and wrote their saints' stories all on their own and recited them from memory...)

I was born in Rome in the fourth century.  My father died when I was very young, because he was burned in the face with coal, and banished for his Faith.  He died only days later from his wounds.  My mother, who also bravely died for the Faith, was beheaded.  Deprived of all earthy possessions, the governor, Apronianus, summoned me and my sister, Demetria, to his royal court.  Demetria declared her faith strongly and bravely, then died from a heart attack at the foot of the cruel man.  Then, Apronianus, not caring about Demetria's death, sent me to an evil woman, who tried to make me give up my Faith, but I did not relent.  Apronianus, hearing of this, was enraged and ordered me to be killed.  He had me strapped to a pillar and scourged, where I died at the hands of my executioners.  I am the patron saint of headaches, insanity, and mental illnesses. My feast day is December 2nd.  
Who am I?

I was the daughter of the king of Hungary, and niece of St. Hedwig.  Since my infancy I was betrothed to Louis Landgrave of Thuringia, Germany.  I was very devoted to my husband, but even more so to Christ, the Catholic Church, and my Faith.  On one occasion I was on my way to bring provisions to the poor and sick.  On the way I met my husband, and he was angry because he thought I was doing the work of a servant.  He came up to me and opened my mantle, in which the supplies were kept, but all he saw were red and white roses.  He took one and kept it for the rest of his life.  I built many hospitals and served the sick there.  After my husband's death, I was cruelly forced out of my palace to live on the streets with my three children until I died at the age of 24 in 1231.  My feast day is November 19th.  I am the patroness of hospitals, homeless people, widows, and bakers.
Who am I?

I was born to the royal court of Burgundy, France, in the 6th century.  Though I lived among Arians, I was raised Catholic.  While still young, I married the king of the Franks who would later be called Clovis the Great.  I was very devoted to my husband, though he was an Arian and tried to lead him to the Faith by my example.  Once, when a powerful enemy was attacking France, I prayed for victory.  The victory was won. Through this victory, Clovis was at last converted, thus becoming the first Christian king of France.  I had four children.  After my husband's death, my sons fought over who would be the next heir to the throne.  This was resolved when my youngest son, Clotaire, ascended the throne.  Aggrieved by the continual strive in my family, I spent the rest of my life in solitude and prayer.  I died after having predicted my death in the year 545.  I am the patroness of brides, mothers, widows, adopted children, and the lame.  My feast day is June 4th.
Who am I?


Dan said...

William: St. Jerome
Gabriel: Blessed Miguel Pro
Anna: No guess
Cathy: St. Elizabeth?
Theresa: St. Mechtilda?

Anonymous said...

William: St Jerome
Gabe: Fr. Miguel Pro
Anna: that is a really hard one...I have to guess St. Bibiana??
Cathy: St Elisabeth of Hungary
Teresa: St. Clotilde

Lisa said...

Oooh, Close, Dan/Daddy!
But, Anonymous (which sibling are you, Anon??) gets the prize! Correct on all guesses! Good job! St. Bibiana was especially tricky, too! :0)

Maria (also Bia) said...

Wow ... absolutely loved this! And they are all so beautiful!