Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thankfulness Challenge, 2013

Since I was nowhere near organized enough this month to do the 25 days of Thanksgiving daily meme that everyone  else seemed to be doing, I left the challenge open to the family -- as we have done, actually, on several Thanksgiving blog posts past.  We did our 25 thanksgivings all in one fell swoop.

  The question is:

(Make it rhyme if you can! And no sniping or crude humor, kids!)

1. I'm thankful for healthy happy children, near and far

2. I'm thankful for the moon and the evening star

3. Another day on God's green earth

4. A Thanksgiving turkey and some caffeinated mirth

5.  I'm thankful for Pies!  Apple, chocolate, pumpkin, and pecan

6.  For living in the same zip code as my husband, Dan

7.  I't's great waiting for the new "Toothless" balloon on the Macy's Parade

8.  And drinking the Pumpkin Spice Lattes that Cathy just made.

9.  I am really really thankful for an oven that works!

10. For our pool Table (that occasionally erks)

11.  For the Charlie Brown and Snoopy floats

12.  And the satisfying after-Thanksgiving-meal bloats

13. I am also

14. Falso

15. For the football games that mesmerize the guys;

16. A disease only cured by the words, "Time for pies!"

17. I'm grateful for the chance for us to be together

18. Even in Vegas's weirdly nice weather

19. For too many mashed potatoes

20. Made into potato soup!

21. For the internet and i-phones that keep far-away family close...

22.  For the years I still get to have with the rest of the group!

23. For army guy wars of silly little boys

24. And the goofy names for their various monkeys and toys

25. Thank God for the blessing of our Faith, family, and friends

26.  The end.

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Luke Armstrong said...

Great challenge. Here's another one for you where you have the ability to win some books or a $50 @Amazon gift card in @TeresaTomeo's Catholic Book Bonanza