Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11th By Any Other Name

Is Still My Birthday

I'm thirty today.
Alright, ya got me....  I'm not thirty.
How 'bout thirty-two?
My twenty-five year old son?
Dan says that's on account of my having been a child bride.

But' now that we got that cleared up, on this anniversary of my (ahem) thirty-second birthday, I'd like to thank...

* God, first, foremost, and always
(For My life! But also for everything else that follows here)

* My Mother and Dad
(For not giving me away to any passing Gypsy Caravans when they probably should have)

* My Siblings
(For being better company than the Gypsies in the passing Caravans)

* The US Navy 
(For feeding and clothing me through my childhood)

* The Goldfish Cracker Company
(For sustaining me through college)

* My husband, Dan
(For putting up with me through the last twenty-six years and also for not giving me away to any passing Gypsy Caravans)

But, Cathy's Pumpkin Spice
Lattes are better than Starbucks.
* My children
(For making my life so full -- of love, life, learning, silliness, dirty clothes, and coffee -- that they get up and brew in the morning, bless them)

* My friends
(For understanding that -- mostly -- I'm distracted, not ditzy; busy, not disinterested; unconventional, not crazy)

* Starbucks
(For being so kind as to bring out their pumpkin spice lattes in time for my birthday every year)

*And  Bill Cosby

(Because, as usual, Bill got it right.)

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Anne said...

That's amazing that I'm older than you.. I stopped at 37.. It was a good year.. So, I decided to stay..
9-11 is also our Thomas' birthday, and his cake of choice? Angel food, whipped cream and strawberries! Oh, so yummmy... I thought I invented this combo as a kid... Have a great new year of being 32 again!