Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I realize I'm late to the party, but... YOLO?

What on earth does YOLO mean?
Nobody I know uses this "word" in conversation, but I keep seeing it on the internet.


Typed into Google: "What does..." and without my having even finished the sentence,
Google deduced the following question: "What does YOLO mean?"
Found out:  I'm obviously not the only out-of-the-loop dork out there wanting to know.

I do.  But this isn't what YOLO means.

This isn't it, either.  Though I do like oreos.
 (Who doesn't?)

Nope.  This isn't it.

This is it.  Pretty sure...
Because IOLO (I only live once):

1.  Start every day with prayer -- no matter what.  Even if it's just: Good morning, God. I love You!
2.   Say "I love you" often to everyone God's blessed me with, too.
3.   Never hold grudges; learn to forgive -- as I want to be forgiven.
4.   Give the last piece of bacon to someone who will appreciate it as much as I would.
5.   Smile when I don't feel like it; even if it doesn't make me feel better, it will make others feel better -- which will make me feel better.
6.   Make Sunday a real day of rest -- and of thanksgiving and love of God.
7.   Respect the gift of the life God gave me; nurture my health and that of my family.
8.   Don't waste time with needless conflict -- if I can be no use for turning negative people or situations around to the positive, just steer clear and pray.
9.   Only read books and movies that truly improve the atmosphere of my mind and soul.
10.  Feed the creative muse! Draw, write, take pictures as often as possible.
11.  Never miss a chance to have good wholesome fun.
12.  Blog more often to keep a record of this life which is speeding by so quickly!

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