Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Joys!

Mary of Christmas

I know not how, dear Lady love,

To offer you my praise,
I cannot fashion as I wish
The words that I world raise.
You stand afar, celestial Queen,
The stars are in your crown,
They spangle at each gesture's path
And dust upon your gown.

Perhaps I might recall the night
You knelt beside the crib,
The night when doors and casements shut
And left a mountain's rib,
Alone, exposed, to hoard you close
Beside the new-born Child
And seek in Joseph's kindly eyes
For something worldly-mild.

To counteract such mundane chill
I hereby set my heart,
Dim mirror of an Infant's warmth,
Its flaming but a part,
A small, sad part of Endless Love
That came on Christmas day
To show a mother wonder-bright
To guide us on our way.


The paper whites in the above photo we found blooming on Christmas morning!  I'd picked them up less than a month before Christmas, not expecting them to sprout and bloom in time for the big day...  It usually takes longer.  Such a sweet and wonderful little surprise for us! And as there are no accidents in the universe, we're grateful for them as a gift -- not to us but to the dear Mother of the Infant Jesus.

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