Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Joys, continued...

December 25th, 2012

Gavin and "Uncle Bill."  (ONLY Gavin is allowed to call him Uncle Bill, however....)
Nina! (with ketchup)

Handsome Gavin ("Hiyeee!").

Theresa and Cathy (Giggle Snort)

Uncle Steve
This shot just as he received his "singing Christmas present," in which
he was musically gifted with a Powderhorn ski pass and ski rental --
Yes...  gifted musically.  It got sang to him...
Like many things that go on around here, it's kinda hard to explain.
You had to be here...

Michelle -- aka, Shelly -- aka, "Fluffy" --- aka, "Chicky"

 Michelle/Shelly/Fluffy/Chicky with Cathy/Cathy/Cathy/Cathy

Anna and Gabe
In a rare Kodak moment.

Grandma (Sharon), Gabe, Paul, and Nicole -- contemplating their next moves
in the traditional Christmas "Apples to Apples" game...

Michelle/Shelly/Fluffy/Chicky thanking William/Not Bill/Not Billy/Not Will/Not Willy
 for the great "KK" gift he gave her (Note the beanie... with gloves and chocolate!)

Gavin and his best pal, Grandpa

Gavin loves his Momma just a little...
So do we!

Dominic in front of his work of art -- this year's awesome
version of Bethlehem, which filled the whole music room.
(Video of Bethlehem coming later...)

Gavin, getting to know  Mr. Potato Head, inside and out...

Daddy/Dad/Dan, the "Master of Ceremonies" in the midst of the all-important
gift-distribution "ceremony."

Missing In Action:
Brother Philip (formerly Jonathan Charles)...
shown here at his quick visit home last summer for the dentist... Couldn't make it back for Christmas this year, as his"visitations" are limited in his first year at the seminary as a novitiate in the Religious life.   We did get to see him for a bit a couple weeks ago when we went to Omaha for the ordination of our good friend, Father Carlos Borja.  So... We feel deprived, but we'll live.  Maybe.

And then there's Kevin...

who was supposed to be here for Christmas, but got to attend his first Broncos game 
last week and chose an unfortunate place to park, whereafter his car was towed and, forthwith, there 
being a bizarre discrepaency at the DMV (their fault), he was unable to get his car out of impound
until the day after Christmas.... And therefore...  he was unable to get home for the Holiday.  And
we missed him very much (as did the choir). But, God Willing, we'll see him after his classes on Friday.
God Willing, and the mountains don't blizzard.  Etc. Because we have a bunch of presents waiting for him here...  and need help eating all the cookies the girls baked last week.  
** Please forgive the terrible picture quality...  Trust me: it's making me crazy, these horrible pics -- but we had a bizarre accident with my camera, and have not recovered from it yet...  As soon as I get my good lens repaired, I'll hopefully be able to improve the pics -- in spite of my amateur-ness.  A good camera can make even a hack's work presentable....

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