Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Joys: The Family Creche, 2012

Kinda Korny.  And I hate the way my voice sounds....  Doesn't everybody? (Hate the way I sound,I mean.  gglggl)  But, anyway, here you find it, the Davis family nativity scene, recorded for posterity, and so we have something to go by next year -- not like we'll ever beat Dominic's amazing work this year, though!  The whole amazing thing: it was all him, concept, design, and direction of helper elves.

Dominic, you rock.
Yes, you do.

You do.

You really do!
(Love you!  Gonna miss you when you go back to the Seminary in the new year!)

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Bia said...

oh wow. WOW! The music, the creche ... we need to come spend Christmas with you!