Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"Enter At Your Own Risk"

This appeared on my bedroom door yesterday afternoon:

Behind the bedroom door?

(Taken with my cell phone...)
William's down with a mystery malady, diagnosed by the doc in the Urgent Care Clinic as "possibly chicken pox, though not necessarily."  He had a temp over 104 yesterday when we took him in, and was starting to break out in "viruses," as William calls them.  But the bumps didn't start out looking very chicken-poxy, and they didn't itch.  They still don't itch, but now they look more like chicken pox.  So that's what we're calling it.  Unless you're William, and then the illness is called "Chicken Pops" and the bumps are called "viruses."  (William logic; I don't know....)

 Anyway, he's down, but he's not out.  The fever has dropped to almost nothing, and he's happily ensconced in Mommy's bed (conveniently vacated by Daddy while he's working out of town), being spoiled by everyone. "Chicken Pops are not so bad,"  he says.

 It's going to be a hard come-down when he recovers and can't watch cartoons all day....

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