Tuesday, November 1, 2011

On the Feast of All Saints!

Can you identify the following saints?

1.  "My saint is a native of Madrid, Spain.  I was twelve years old when persecutions broke out.  I went to the governor and yelled at him that he was destroying souls. When the officials gave me little cakes to offer to the pagan gods, I threw them on the ground at the base of the statues and stomped on them.  My death was caused by fire; my executioners lit my hair on fire and I suffocated.  My feast day is December 10th.  I am the patron saint of run-aways and widows."

2.  "I was married to King Henry of Germany and I had five children.  I was married to my husband for twenty years and was a very pious wife and mother.  After my husband died, I founded many churches and monastaries. One of my sons was St. Bruno, one was Holy Roman Emperor Otto. I died on March 14th, 986, which is also my feast day. I am the patron saint of Misbehaving Children. Who am I?"
3.  "I  am an English saint.  I had three sisters who were all saints and my grandmother was an Abbess.   I was married to one king for three years and a second king for twenty years.  I had his permission to become a nun and later became an Abbess, founding a monastary at Eli.  I died in 679.  My feast day is June 23rd. I am the patron saint of throat ailments.  Who am I?"

4.  "I was born in Italy in the 1500s.  My first words were "Jesus" and "Mary."  I became a Jesuit; I died when I was only twenty-three years old.  My feast day is June 21st.  I am the patron saint of altar boys.  Who am I?"

5. "I'm from....  I'm from...  Where am I from?  Oh, yeah.  I'm from France!  And I'm a soldier.  One day...  I split my cloak in half and gave some of it to a poor man.  And then...  And then..."  (What happened next, William?)  "Oh, yeah!  Then, that night...  Jesus arose to me and said: 'That was me you gave the cloak to.'  Who am I?"


Kevin said...

Ok....Theresa is either St Bibiana or St Juliana...I don't remember which.
Cathy I thinkkkk is St Matilda?
Anna....I think I'm stumped by Anna...
Gabe, St Aloysius Gonzaga?
William is st Martin of Tours?

How did I do?

Lisa said...

You got three out of five! :) St. Matilda (Cathy) also goes by St. Maude; and yes, Gabe was St. Aloysius (he was totally excited about wearing a cassock and surplus...) and William was St. Martin. You're close on Theresa... but no banana; and Anna's is a really, really hard one... Old English saint...

Give up?

Theresa was St. Eulalia.
Anna was St. Etheldreda

Stumpers, huh?

Lisa said...

Ahem... Make that "surplice"!

Kevin said...

Haha wow like someone would ever guess those two! I Really thought I had Theresa! ;) Hey 3 of 5 though not too shabby