Monday, November 28, 2011

Long Quiet Afternoons While Daddy Watches the Broncos...

Every Sunday afternoon, Anna and Cathy have a little tea party in their room.  This particular week it came complete with real brewed tea, cream, sugar, sliced pears and crackers -- and Dick Van Dyke tapes on the old VHS Television.
No Boys Are Allowed.

  After a few Sunday afternoons of trying to get in on these tea parties by whining and weedling and trying to sneak in -- to no avail -- William and Gabe decided to fight fire with fire.  They decided  they'd have a "Man Party." (Their words, not mine...)

And here it is.  Complete with spiders and spider webs and bats and a couple of rubber rats.
No Girls Allowed.
But, go figure.  The girls were just fine with that. 

Dang it.

In fact, they thought it was high time the little boys came up with something to keep them out of the girls' hair.


Might as well hang out with Daddy and the onion dip and watch football in the living room.

Like.  Hey!  Wait a minute!  Why don't we just hang out with Daddy and the onion dip and watch football in the living room??

Seriously.  Who needs tea parties, anyway?

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AnchorMama said...

How funny! I laughed at the picture of the boys party - so perfectly boyish.

My Annie once gave in and let her brothers take part in her tea party. It all ended abruptly when the boys began to drink straight from the teapot - with pinkies up!