Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Martinmas Lanterns

A How-To by Cathy

You will need:

clean tin can without the lid
votive candle
hammer and large nail or small phillips head screw-driver
small plastic cup (that fits inside the can)
18 gauge wire
wire snips
hot glue gun "optional"
beads "optional"


1. Fit small plastic cup into  a can, draw dots for any design desired
  2. Punch holes onto the can using hammer and nail or screwdriver.  Make sure to punch two holes at opposite sides of the top of the can for the handle.

  3. Cut wire about 1ft long.                       
              4. Put wire through closest hole, then string beads on  wire.
   5. Put the other side of the wire through the other side of the can.   
 6.  You will nead a hot glue gun if you want to glue on any other beads to decorate the sides.                      
 7. Be careful if you do glue anything on to your lamp.  The glue comes out hot!                     
 8. After gluing on everything you think your lamp needs, put the candle in and carefully light it.  (Or have your Mom or Dad light it...)

 Now you have made your very own lamp for the Feast of St. Martin!

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