Friday, September 2, 2011

Who Knew Cellos Could Sound Like This?

H/T: My Right Brain

You should have seen how mesmerized the Littles were by this. Except for William, our little music man, who pretended to play the cello as they played, all the kiddos stared, stock-still and wide-eyed, taking it in. And, these guys really are amazing musicians. But, when the video ended, and all was silent for a moment, the only comment was Anna's: Why were they shaking their heads like that?

My answer: I don't know.

But they sure do rock those cellos.


auntie said...

I have a niece who does this in DC with her harp. It is called busking. This is how she earns the money to go to Christendom College. Every day she plays outside some building or metro stop. She makes good money and has also gotten several high class gigs from her playing this way.

GrandmaK said...

It does make one wonder if shaking the head like that causes a headache. I have to agree they are amazing!! Thanx! Cathy