Tuesday, May 10, 2011

William and I Love This Song!

We just cut a rug across the living room floor dancing to it.
And I'm tellin' ya.  We did twists and flips and twirls, too!
But, um...
 I guess it's not a good idea at my age to jitterbug with a five-year-old.
Too much temptatin to bend, lift, throw and catch!
 (Don't tell my chiropractor!)

Unfortunately (or fortunately)  I don't expect this is the last time I'll be remembering it's not a good idea --

after the fact,

with an icepack on my neck...


Alexandra said...

I can so relate as I sit here at the computer reeking of Ben Gay. LOL. My five year old daughter likes to give me a workout as well - dancing, chasing, spinning, jumping, you name it. It's wonderful though. :)

Tridentine Wife said...

We love that song around here as well...Actually I lost the CD so we listen to it on the computer :)

Bia said...

you know, sometimes the pain is worth it ... don't you thing?! :)))