Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Where We've Been and Gone and Done,

Headed out over the mountains to Denver on Friday

This is Mount Sopris, which towers over Aspen.  Caught this shot on the way home, actually.  By the time we reached the passes on the way out Friday night, it was too dark for pictures -- but it was snowing and icy on Vail Pass. Can you believe that?  The last week of May?  Two or three of the resorts, including Aspen, have re-opened for some skiing over Memorial Day weekend.  Amazing!
Attended the perfect wedding of dear friends Saturday.

It was all so beautiful. (sniff!)  Dan and I were both teary-eyed listening to the words of the blessings and prayers of the Nuptial Mass.  And the choir (Kevvy, Emily, Michelle, and Theresa all sang) was sublime!

Spent time with Kevvy and his girlfriend and our friend, sweet Emily.

 Took the gang to the Denver Natural History Museum on Monday.

Top to bottom, right to left:  Emily (you can just see her), Gabe (7), Anna (8),
Kevvy (22), Michelle (almost 16), William (5) Theresa (12),  Cathy (10)

Met up again with this guy, good old T-Rex.  (I only noticed later that William (l) and Gabe (r) had put on each other's shorts that morning...)

Reconnected with this old family friend, too, old Sabertooth.  You throw a coin in the lion's mouth and it roars, you see.  The children have been throwing pennies down this guy's throat since Paul (our oldest) was a toddler.  That's a long time, folks.  We have quite a collection of pictures with various children posing just lilke this...  :)  (Cathy this time.)
 Then headed back home Monday afternoon after a nice lunch in downtown Denver at Johnny Rocket's  Diner (of which I was too busy stuffing my face and fooling around to take any pictures).
Somewhere near McClure Pass.
And, now here we are back home again.  Let me tell you, it felt good to sleep in our own beds last night!  Today is the children's last full day of school for the year.  I'm spending the day catching up on the laundry from the weekend and calculating final grades for my art and English class students today.  Then tomorrow we start to get ready for the next trip -- which I'll detail later.  It's going to be a busy summer!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


Bob said...
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MightyMom said...

That looks like a great time!

haha, Ilooked at that escalator pic and immediately (without counting) said "that's not everyone! not enough kids for my Lisa!" ;-)