Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just a little bit of the...


We're back from our whirlwind weekend in Omaha. We survived the road trip -- and got to spend Saturday with Jon, Dominic and Michelle and our adopted Omaha family of friends.  It was loads of fun --  just getting the Littles together with their big brothers and sister is so sweet. 

 But time passes too quickly.  Michelle is back in Colorado with us, but is spending a couple of weeks on the eastern slope before we get her to ourselves -- and Jon and Dominic...  Well, we'll just see them whenever we can, as they're both settled in Nebraska; Dominic, officially graduated now, is happily ensconsed as a postulant in the seminary and Jon has a good job working at the hospital in Omaha, and is preparing to enter culinary school. It's all good.  And it was so good to see our boys, but now that we're home, we miss their dear faces all the more!  Thank goodness for cameras! And cell phone family plan!. 

  I hope everyone is enjoying these first days of summer vacation and is finding blessings in the changing of routines and weather.  (Both can be a challenge sometimes!  Yikes!  But then an opportunity for grace, consequently, too!  I keep having to remind myself of  that...)  I'll try to find time to visit and post as our busy summer plans unfold!

* Please 'scuse the unfocused pics; I've got a new fancy camera that I'm trying to learn how to use.  Argh.  It'll be worth it in the end to acquire the skill, but it's stretching my brain and patience now!


GrandmaK said...

Well done! Life is good and yours is incredibly special! Thank you for sharing! Cathy

Bob said...
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