Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why We Watch the Super Bowl

Gabriel giggled and giggled over this and aked me if we could watch it every day. 

I expect everyone else in the world already seen this commercial, but we don't have a TV feed so this stuff is new to us. Not that we really feel deprived, mind you. But, we do get a huge kick out of the clever ads like this.    Dan's got the TV rigged with some old-fashioned rabbit ears and something digital -- Who knows what? I don't understand it... But, anyway, we'll be getting the Super Bowl here this Sunday. Dan and my brother will be rooting for Pittsburgh.

But most of us here will watch for the commercials.

And the guacamole.


Aubrey said...

Funny, funny, funny! I love it!!

Soutenus said...

LOL!! My son and I absolutely loved it.
No TV here either!

Bia said...

it's sunday morning, and i just carried my laptop to everyone in my family (including my father in law) so they could watch this commercial.

as star wars fans ... we all loved it. thanks for sharing!!