Sunday, February 6, 2011

"Every Mile Is Two In Winter"

~ George Herbert, Jacula Prudentum (1651)

Though my relatives in Denver say they're getting socked,
it's not snowing here on the Western slope.  It is cold, though.  And has been for a while.

Which is extremely significant to us, because with this
cold, our outdoor hydrant froze a few weeks ago
 and we were having to water the cows
 by filling their trough
 with buckets filled in our bathtub. 
Picture that.
Six to eight five-gallon buckets, bathtub to barn.
Every day.

But all is well now, thank God and our good friend, Carl,
who is letting us put the cows on his lovely pasture,
complete with running water and super dooper fences.
The cows are happy now.
But we're happier.

Unfortunately, though, 
that hasn't been the only problem.

The snow and cold have caused some other hitches in our git-along recently that are even more vexxing and have not quite been solved yet.  Our son, Dominic, the seminarian, has been having some health problems of a mysterious nature that have caused him to have periodic dizzy spells and shortness of breath.  Because we've eliminated all the harmless and passing maladies that might be causing this, and because his blood pressure has also been elevated, we decided we need to get him home to see the medical professionals we know and trust in Colorado.  So I made appointments for this past week, and the boys (Jon was going to drive over with him) planned to head to Denver last week. 

 But, of course there was a gigantic snowstorm across the whole United States last week. 

Dominic with
nephew, Gavin.
So I rescheduled the appointments for this upcoming Tuesday and Wednesday... And, of course it's snowing again.  It' snowing everywhere, isn't it?  It's like a song we can't get out of our heads this winter.  But, well, anyway...  The weather reports don't look as bad this time around so the boys are planning to make the trip tomorrow morning.  And I think Michelle might be coming with them.  They plan to leave around 8 a.m. Nebraska time.  So, I'm begging for prayers for their safe journey. And for a solution to Dominic's health issues quickly so he can head back to his studies.  I thank-you ahead of time from the bottom of my heart for any words you can send heavenward!  

 These are the youngins pictured below that will be making the drive: (l-r) Dominic, Jon, Michelley.  Just add about fifteen years to each of those little faces. 

Weren't they cute?  They still are, of course!  But, my, how time flies! 


GrandmaK said...

It's never dull where you live! Praying there is nothing serious wrong with Dominic. Will be snowing here again today, so they say, but is just raining now which means should it begin to now it will be NASTY! Have a good day! Cathy

Bia said...

praying for dominic ... hope all goes well w/ the appointments.