Saturday, August 21, 2010

Theresa and I got to go on our girls' day out on Wednesday.  We got in some school shopping and some thrifting -- a favorite hobby of mine. This Mama's gotten so many play-days off lately going out with each of the kids that one might think she was taking advantage of having ten children to goof off or something...  It's just one of the perks.  One I recommend all Big Family Moms take advanatage of!

So, anyway, it was Theresa's turn for a day out, and she had a short list for shopping, but we also popped into a walk-in salon and had our hair styled, the two of us.  Theresa's hair is very thick and wavy and hard for an eleven-year-old to take care of, so we wanted to thin it out a bit and add some shape.  We love how it turned out:

My hair had reached perennial-pony-tail stage and I just needed a change, so I had it layered and shortened.  This is my new grandma-to-be do:

Without the weight to hold 'em down, the curls have escaped and are having a party.  I'm not sure how I like it, but my husband gave it the thumbs up so I guess it's ok.  (He's taken to remarking when a curl fluff goes completely off the reservation -- which is lovely, actually, because I never thought  before that he noticed that I had hair...)

But, I digress...  After our shopping and salon time, Theresa and I had planned to go on a hike, but, of course some afternoon thunder showers rolled in, so we made the drive to town to see The Sorcerer's Apprentice, instead.  You might remember I took Dominic to see it on his day out a couple weeks ago,  and when Michelle's turn came she had to see it, so, of course when Theresa's day came, she had to see it, too... So, I've seen this movie three times now within two and a half weeks.   

The sorcer, the apprentice and I are getting sick of the sight of each other. 

And I stll have four kids to go.

 But it is a rare, relatively clean movie: only one definitely distinguishable Lord's name in vain and only one character in the end with objectionable attire (and we didn't have to see much of her).  The story line is an action-packed old-fashioned tale of good versus evil where the good are obviously good and work hard and honorably to eventually defeat the obviously evil bad guys.  And they did an admirable job of working in the iconic scene from Fantasia.  Truly, I don't really mind trotting the children out one by one to see this movie.  But, heavens above!  Hand me my hair clippers! Maybe Nicolas Cage's long messy locks were just being in character, but I have to tell you, if I were a sorceress, I'd wave my wand -- or magic ring -- and whisk a comb and clippers through his hair. Forget the brooms and mops!
On that subject (and no,  there couldn't  possibly be a more trivial subject matter, I agree...), I present to you:  

 Nicolas (no "h")
Through The Years
(Or Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow; Back Again)
Young Nick. There's the forehead, big sideburns, goatee
(So young and green here he's not even in focus yet)
Nick with lotsa hair!
(Speculative scowl)
Practically hairless, all forehead
(Meditative, suave -- scowl ready to use in his shirt pocket)
Nick a little older:  lots of forehead, no sideburns, long fringe in back
(Thoughtful scowl)
Nick sporting cool shades under big forehead, no sideburns,  short fluff
(Bewildered scowl)
NIck with more fluff, but still not touching collar,
sprouting distinguished grey facial hair
(Either chipper or snide scowl here, I can't decide)

The newest Nick look from Sorcerer's Apprentice
(The old man version of shot #2, getting ready to scowl)
So, what do you think?

 I like hair #2, but it wouldn't be bad with a version of facial hair #6/7...

And, not that it matters, but...  I guess I like Nick, especially in movies I can go see with my children, like Sorcerer. He has nice eyes and bold screen presence.  And he's dependable.  He's one of those actors you can always depend upon to play himself, always the same (somewhat flat) inflection accompanying some variation of the Nicolas scowl -- but with different wardrobe and ever-changing hair.  He's no Dan, but for a movie actor, he's passable.


Natalie said...

I like his hair in the movie Kick-@$$, but I can definitley tell you that it is a movie you would not like and would not want your kiddos to see. You could probably google a picture of him from the movie, but don't watch it. =)

GrandmaK said...

What a fun day!!! Theresa has lovely hair. Your design looks very nice. And oh, I think I like #2, meditative Nicholas! Have a grand day! Cathy

MightyMom said...

I'm quite fond of NIck meself. so you and I may have to time-share the hair ya know.

bit unruly in S's Ap for sure....but then again...poor guy just ain't got much to work with up top anymore.

hubby and I discussed how wiht any other lead actor this movie would have FLOPPPPPPEED!! ONLY our Nick can pull off the straight faced quirky humor that stll makes me laugh when I even THINK about Raising Arizona.

hmmmm, I wouldn't mind seeing that moving a time or two more. It was quite fun I thought.

liking your new do by the by.....