Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Working Wednesday

This is the little boys' "office."
I know it is, because they told me so.  I had an inkling that's what was going on, though, when I looked over the kitchen counter at lunchtime yesterday and saw the dictionary and the pencil sharpener monster and the little paint can "chairs." But what really tipped me off was the pencils behind the ears.
What do they do in their office, you ask?  I wondered, too.
Gabe: We do letters and buy things.
William:  And we eat.

What things do they buy?
William:  Food and cookies.
Gabe: No, we buy stores and houses and offices.  They cost about eight hundred and forty-eight dollars.  And sometimes more.  Like eight thousand dollars.

That's a lot of money!
Gabe: Yes, it is.  And sometimes we don't have enough, so we have to make some money.

Well, then, how do you make money for this business?

Gabe: With this pencil.

A lot like they do it in Washington, I'm thinking...  Five-year-old economics.


Abbey said...

"A lot like they do in Washington"! I am laffin so hard! This was a great injection into my day ...


Natalie said...

Haha! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Oh Paul would LOVE this. Gabe is his little follower! haha!!! I'll make sure Paul sees it

Soutenus said...

Soooooooo cute!! I absolutely love the pencils behind the ears!

Sarah - Kala said...

I love this!
I also love the word "pencil". It's fun to say! I know, it's daft of me, but it is fun like saying "lizard". :)

MightyMom said...


say, ask him if I can borrow that pencil okay?

Laura said...

Again...I just want to live in your house for a week.
Like a Dude Ranch.

GrandmaK said...

LOVE IT!!!!! The pencil-behind-the-ear is a classic!!!! Wishing all well!!! Cathy

Kim H. said...

Good ole fashioned pencil pushin'! Nothing more hilarious!

And those two business men are pretty darn cute! :)