Saturday, March 27, 2010

As a little end-of-Lent project, the children, Dan, and I will be going through each of the Stations, one per day, through Holy Saturday. In the spirit of Lenten recollection, instead of posting as usual, I thought I'd share the stations each day and some links along with some discussions we're having with each station.  Since I'll be posting daily, if you'd like to go through the stations starting at number one, you'll need to scroll down a few posts...

Activities to Acompany the Stations of the Cross

* Go here to find links and pictures of the Stations of the Cross where they actually took place in Jerusalem!
* The history and practice of the Stations of the Cross may be found at the Fish Eaters website.
* You can download a free Stations of the Cross coloring booklet from CatholicMom here. Or find black and white engravings of the fourteen stations here.
* To purchase a pocket-sized children's stations of the Cross (in color or in B&W to be colored), run over to
* An explanation and list of the Lenten Stational Churches in Rome can be found here.

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E said...

My husband is a lapsed Catholic and I was a Methodist. Together we became Unitarians some quarter of a century ago. We have gained more than we lost I think, but we surely did lose too. I love reading about this and learning about his old faith from you.