Monday, March 29, 2010

Lenten Stational Church in Rome

Monday, last week of Lent

St. Prassede all'Esquilino
(St. Praxedes of Esquillino)

This Church is named for the early Christian martyr, St. Praxedes, who is believed to have been one of two holy daughters of the Roman Senator, Pudens, who had been converted by St. Peter.  The two sisters, Praxedes and Prudentia, aided and encouraged the early Christian martyrs, sometimes hiding them within the walls of their sumptuous Roman villa, until their Christianity was discovered and they were both martyred.  This minor basilica is built upon the site of the sisters' villa in Rome.  St. Praxedes' relics lie within, and -- most noteworty -- it houses a segment of the pillar upon which Our Lord was scourged.  The church of St. Praxedes is also known for its beautiful and extensive interior mosaic work.

A great blog post (with pictures) by an American student in Rome about this stational church can be found here. A history of the church is here.  An aerial map of its location in Rome can be found here. A street view can be found here.

A history, list, and map of all the Lenten Stational Churches can be found here.

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