Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Where we've been and gone and what we've done...

So, we had a "field trip day" yesterday.  We packed a cooler, grabbed our coats, gloves, and boots and headed up to the mountains, where we stopped at our favorite playground in Georgetown. 

Here's the sandbox.
Where Theresa and William are trying to dig in the half-frozen sand...
The gazebo..
The lunch.

Then we hopped back in the car after everyone's noses were frozen and headed up to Breckenridge.

Where, as William says, "it's still Christmas."
And where the International Snow Sculpture Competition just took place last weekend.

Here are the kids in front of a bodacious dragon.

A bear we all particularly liked.

Some dancing notes.

A Geisha
 (who reminded us a little of Aunt Donna...)

(She's got that Welsh-Oriental look like you, Dons... We think she's pretty!)

A ten-foot tall violinist.

Two really nifty treefrogs.

And this amazingly intricate snow carving of deer and dancers,
 that we thought should have won first place.

But this one won.
Peace Out.
(That's for you, Nicole!)

Then, after we'd seen all the sculptures and toured the town museum for a little while -- when everyone was getting cold and tired and cranky again -- we loaded the troops back up in the car and headed down the valley...
Where we passed this sign in Frisco. 
(Check it out, Paul!)

And we passed some beautiful snow-capped mountains.

And some more.
(They're everywhere up there in the Rockies, you know.)

And after a bit, everyone was tired, but happy, and only a little bit cranky.
I think we only had to threaten to stop the car once.  Or twice maybe.

But it was a good day!  Especially since I got to have Dan along with me as a back-up referee.

When he didn't have his phone stuck to his ear.  Dear.
Just kidding.  He really wasn't on the phone all that long.  But, I have to ask the other wives out there...  Do you have rules about your husbands having their blackberries along on family outings or dates?


GrandmaK said...

Loved the snow sculptures! Hard to choose which one I liked the best! And Ron doesn't own a blackberry! Have a grand day1 Cathy

Diana said...

When my husband and I are together, he doesn't take his phone at all. But then we are only together about four days a month! I loved the sculptures Lisa, what a great day!
Love Di

Aubrey said...

WOW! Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures! The mountains are unmatched for beauty (as far as Earth's features go). :)

I only wish I could get Jeremy to carry a mobile phone at all. He still pays for everything with cash and checks and doesn't have e-mail at home, except through me. He's comfortable back in the 90s, I guess. (That's a joke) ;)

Speaking of that, my word verification was 'retro.'

Sarah - Kala said...

My husband doesn't talk on the phone, he shouts on it . . . drives me nuts.

LOVE the sculptures! Very nice and I agree the deer and dancers should have won.

Soutenus said...

How cool! No pun intended ;-)
What a wonderful day! Thank you so much for sharing it. (I like the bear, too)

MightyMom said...

hubby and I share one cell phone and one car. Whoever's driving the car carries the phone....which never rings because other than a breakdown or emergency the only people we use the cell phone to call is EACH OTHER!!