Monday, February 15, 2010

Not Just What Makes My Monday...

Things That Make My Day, Any Day

I think it's important when the world is swirling around us with its maelstrom of disappointments, confusion, and worries to take stock of the little things that make us happy. It's a sanity-preserving thing to do.  Even though the big picture may seem pretty murky sometimes, we know that our Heavenly Father has the whole thing in the palm of His hand.  And that is the greatest comfort in the long run, but there's also immediate rest in the here and now.  We can always find an eye in the storm by focusing on the good things close to our eyes and within reach of our hands.  So, because we're in the midst of our own personal little squall here with Dan's job situation in turmoil -- in the middle of the bigger storm of a world that sometimes seems to be spinning out of control, and because Alena asked me, here is a list of:

The Things That Make Me Happy

* My friend, Arlene's, cinnamon rolls. 
We bought a dozen of them at the church bakesale yesterday...
and I've been so anxious for some small picture happiness
that I've eaten three of them. 
 And I don't regret a single calorie.
(No, I really don't.  I just told the kids: You snooze, you lose!)

* Same goes for the cheesecake Alena made for us last week. 
(I'm not divulging how much of that I ate...)

* Making up stories about my kitchen window collection of funny little chefs.  Makes me smile while I do the dishes...

* Finding a five dollar bill in a coat pocket. 
And buying a Starbux Venti Mocha with it -- Justifiable found-money spending, doncha know...

*The smell of coffee.

* Simply but perfectly made fajitas for lunch.

* Getting texts from my sons
 and their wives and girlfriends.

* The sound of my new reader, Anna, reading  Dr. Seuss to her little brothers.

* Owning the Mommy magic of being able
 to kiss a booboo and make it better.

* Tickling these:

* Listening to Theresa's fingers tickling these:
* Flowers. 
 Anywhere, anytime. 
 Someone else's or mine.
(These are the Blessed Mother's Valentines Day flowers.)

* BFFs
(Michelle and friend, Noelle)

*  Gabey's BFF
 (stuffed monkey, Lester)

* My BFF :

*When sweaters match eyes.

* Annual events we can count on.
  Like the annual Catholic Homeschool St. Valentine's Day Skate Rink Party. 
 Where we get the chance to meet up...

...and fall down with a kazillion Catholic homeschool buddies.

* Simple, but special celebrations at home.
Especially when Dan cooks.  At our annual sweethearts dinner every year, the boys cook for the girls.   The fare is usually seafood, since it is a well-known fact round these parts that I'm a fish-aholic.  (Gee, a lot of my happiness seems to revolve around food, doesn't it?)  And Dan makes a mean salmon dinner.  The menu this year: crackers and brie, crackers and salmon dip, crab rangoon, asparagus and hollandaise, grilled salmon.  Yum!

* A husband who not only cooks
but washes the dishes, too. 

Friends and family,
 far and near --
 their smiles, their hugs,
and their messages in my combox...

And, lots more, Alena.  I'll get back with you on this... But now you
have to tell me:
What makes you happy?

For more Makes My Monday happy thoughts, run over to Cheryl's!


Cheryl Lage said...

Meeting up and falling down...sweaters that match eyes...cinnamon buns...and genuine gratefulness for the gems that make life so lovely...expressed so artfully in this post....COMPLETELY Makes My Monday. Thank you so much for playing along.

(Don't know how anyone could read that and NOT have their Monday Made! Thank you. :) )

MightyMom said...

what makes my day??

why snuggles of course!


been thinnking of you....gotta email you about the Surprise St Philomena laid out on me yesterday! you were RIGHT about this one!!!!!!!

Abbey said...

Venti Mocha Frap! That is my fav and I have one a week. Next time you go, ask for an apple fritter and ask them to warm it for you. They are delicious!

Wishing you great blessings for your faith journey during Lent, and praying for Dan's job situation, too!


Bia said...

visiting here makes my monday (even though today is today).

you always make me smile.

Bia said...

well, duh. of course today is today. i meant to say today is tuesday!

Laura said...

this is just how a Monday should be.

Kim H. said...

Okay, Lisa not only did this post give me goosebumps, it made me tear up and even made me giggle! You are a bright spot in my day each and every time I pop over! And thanks for the awesome Lenten post. U rock!