Thursday, February 11, 2010

If I should call you up, invest a dime...

Would you say you belonged to me and ease my mah-ah-ind?

Do you remember that song?

I've been sifting around through the lavendar-scented drawers of my memory, looking for all the old lost love songs I love the best.  If you look to the right in the sidebar, you can find my top six, a couple which are favorites for sentimental reasons and some I love just because they're beautiful. 

The first song on the list is Happy Together -- though it's being sung here by the wrong group.  And of course you know there's a story... Several of my girlfriends and I went to a concert of the acapella group The Nylons when they came to town in my junior year of college.  It was a really great concert.  We had so much fun.  The energy, the production, the fabulous music!  And so for about the next year, we played our Nylons cds over and over -- and over again -- at the newspaper office where we worked -- with Dan.  It drove him (and the other guys on the staff) NUTS, but we loved it.  Loved the music.  Loved driving the guys nuts.  Happy Together was one of our favorite songs.  My friends, Mary, and Leslie and I would stop whatever we were doing when that song came on, find each other and, swaying arm in arm, sing it at the top of our lungs right there in front of God and everybody -- and the sneering sports staff.

Happy memories.

 I think Dan has blocked the whole thing, but whenever I hear that song, I think of him -- and young us.  Ah, the happy carefree days of youth, and fun, and fledgling love...

What are your favorite love songs? Do you have an official "couple" song -- one that you call "your" song?  Is there a song that you love and your honey hates?

Another sweet love song -- this one by The Nylons.


GrandmaK said...

I love the song Dream, Dream Dream, too. But then, my version is by the Everly Brothers. Sorta dates me, huh! Really a grand post! Cathy

Blessings each day said...

I guess our song would be "Send Me An Angel" by Real Life as Michael kept on saying that is what happened in his life when we met a little over five years ago.

For my late beloved husband, Mario and I, it would have been "The Hawaiian Wedding Song" by Elvis Presley.

We girls love these love songs. I, too, love to belt out a good love song that 'sings' out to me!!

blessings and Valentine's hugs,


Diana said...

Ah yes, that would be "Lovin', touchin' and squeezing" by Journey. But there are many more."Teddy Bear" by Elvis, "Lights" by Journey oh there's a lot!
Love Di

Diana said...

P.S. The Nylons sound awesome! I can see why you enjoyed them so much!
Love Di

Anne P. said...

We love the Nylons!!! Pat brought the cd, er, tape home one day, and we have been stealing it ever since!

MightyMom said...

is there a song I love and he hates?? anything by the Beatles!!!

"our song"??? well, he'll say You LIght up my Life, but the song we sing to each other either to cheer the other up or to get ourselves out of trouble is "You are my only make me happppyyyyy...when skys are grey..."
the hokier the hee-haw accent you sing with the better your chances of getting back on the other's good side. oh and after "please don't take my sunshine away" there's always a little "da dut da dah..cha cha cha" dance just to INSURE a smile can be achieved.

and I must say that in 12 years, it hasn't failed once.