Monday, January 18, 2010

What Makes My Monday

A very nice husband who got up this morning -- on his day off -- and started coffee and bacon before I even rolled out of bed...  (Regardless of what the t-shirt may imply, Dan is not a bear in the morning.)

And a sweet eleven-year-old daughter who got up with the little boys at the crack of dawn and sat down with them to quietly watch cartoons.

Ah! Sleeping in! 
Makes My Monday.

It really is the little things in life, isn't it?

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Diana said...

Wow Lisa, It almost sounded like a Mother's Day morning. Good for you!
Love Di

BoufMom9 said...

ahhhh yes! It is the little things in life that make we mommies happy :)
Sounds like you had a perfectly content morning.

Happy Monday!

ps Popping over from Cheryl's :)

Cheryl Lage said...

Oh Lisa, sounds like a PERFECT morning! (That bear shirt is awesome, and what an incredibly sweet big sis. :)

Thank you for Making My Monday by sharing your morning and playing along!

Laura said...

Absolutely...this would make mine too.

Kim H. said...

HOW WONDERFUL!!! I don't think there is anything better than waking up to the smells of bacon and coffee. Well, waking up to baby soft kisses might just be better, but bacon and coffee is a close second! :)

GrandmaK said...

What a grand day you have had!!! Cherish the moments! Cathy

Barbara Manatee said...

sleeping in? what's that!? LOL! I was supposed to have today off of work for the holiday but got stuck teaching an had to go in still...ugh! oh well...

thanks for visiting today!

Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

I love sleeping in too! What a nice big sister!

Also love the Thoreau quote.

Blessings each day said...

Okay, now Dan has made me hungry but our bacon is frozen so it could be crean of wheat for me today. His T-shirt is impressive and there must be a story behind it.

That was such a sweet picture of the children all cuddled up.

Love those red cabinets of that something new as I don't remember them from other pictures in your kitchen??

blessings and happy hugs,


Threeundertwo said...

What a great family! Love the cuddlers especially.

Bia said...

my boys would love a shirt like that!

MightyMom said...

thoreau is awesome