Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Thursday Update

Written Wednesday night.

I'm sitting here in an empty, quiet house. Since it's Wednesday night, Mommy's-Night-In,* Dan's taken all the kids to the pool, and I'm making the most of my time here all alone. By myself. I have a stack of clothes I need to iron on the ironing board and a pile of math to correct. Sixteen zucchinis reclining on the kitchen table need something done with them, the fridge needs cleaning (always does) and the dining room floor needs mopping.

And what am I doing?

Well, until I came in here to type this, I was lounging on my bed amidst a company of uncracked math books watching Ghost Hunters and eating an extemporaneously-mixed gorp consisting of unequal measures of walnuts, raisins, and chocolate chips. (Um, yeah, well, ya got me there, didn't ya? Yes, it's mostly chocolate chips. )

But, gee ==sigh== it's nice. The peace. The quiet. The chocolate.

The diet starts tomorrow. It really does; Dan came home tonight with the box of Isagenix diet and cleansing stuff I requested from our Chiropractor, and isn't he insightful and considerate taking the children away tonight so I could pig out in peace without having to hide and sneak what I steal from the kitchen?

I love my husband.

I just wanted to share that. And now I'd better run and make the most of my evening before the gang comes back all drippy and smelling of chlorine. I'm already half-way back to my lounge-athon, mentally. At this very moment, as I'm typing, I'm trying to decide what to get when I stop by the fridge on my way back to the ghost hunting. There's one Guinness in there. Oooh, but maybe I'll make myself a smoothie... Hmmmm....

Anyway, toasting you with a chocolate chip right now while I can. Cheers! I'm going to go eat, drink, and be merry tonight...

...for tomorrow I diet.

* Dan and I made a deal a few years back to preserve our sanity, marriage, family life, etc. Each of us gets one night a week to spend the evening in the room with the door short, no children allowed. I get Wednesdays, Dan gets Thursdays. We can do whatever we want; catch up on reading, watch tv, fold clothes, talk on the phone, do bills, correct homework, whatever. Sometimes we're responsibile and accomplish important tasks; sometimes we lolligag. But, well, actually... Mostly we lolligag.


MightyMom said...

I toast you back with chocolate chip!

here's to lolligagging!!


love the day alone idea....might try to get some form of that going..

Sara said...

How nice to have the house to your self! My husband asked this a.m. if he should go to the away football game tomorrow. I said YES! Even though the younger kids will be home, it's still more relaxing. Shhh. don't tell him I said that! Lol.

Laura said...

Great lessons for marriage.
Everyone should have a chance to move about the cabin freely every once in a while.
I LOVE picturing you just "hanging out."
We can encourage each other with this diet thing.
I am not having very much success even though I've been sticking to it.
Ugh. stink.

GrandmaK said...

Good for you! I was lucky too as Ron would take the kids once a week and give me several hours to just be me! We have truly been blessed! Cathy

Erin said...

What a great idea, I'm sure my dh could do with one night of no interruptions.

Lollilaging is important.

Someone's Mom said...

I think it is a great idea, the night alone. You can iron when the kids are, watch television, turn up the stereo and sing at the top of your lungs!

Linda Higgins said...

as much as we count on and love the company of "others" it is so nice to just "veg" out! I make sure that I get a girls night out, usually bowling or exercising or shopping just to gab and gossip about nothing....for the girlfriend friendship...stuff you just need outside of partnership...and huhoney encourages it....good for you! ISOGENICS! you WILL loose weight! daughter of mine sells it and has lost 20 lbs....

Bia said...

hey, i really, really like that arrangement. i know you also make time for the two of you: do you do that montly, or more often?

i'm not nosey . . . just recognizing a good idea when i see one!! :)

Kim H. said...

Lolligagging is the cat's pajamas!