Monday, September 7, 2009

The Reporting Angel Peering Over the Backseat

Labor Day BBQ at the farm today.
Here are some random quotes overheard during the festivities:

William: Oomph.

Uncle Steve: If you're gonna get a hug from Uncle Steve, you're gonna know you're gettin' a hug from Uncle Steve."

Gabe:  Can I have a lung?
Us: Huh?
Gabe:  One of those things.
Us:  Those are RIBS, Gabey!

Dan:  Show your mother.
Aunt Donna:  She's not gonna like it.

Uncle Steve:  Don't show her; don't show her!
Me:  Don't show me what?
Cathy:  The fly I caught in your tea ball. I'm gonna make it my pet.
Me: AHGGHGH!  Serilize it!

Anna:  (whisperwhisper)

Aunt Nina: I can't hear you. Don't tell me somethin' if I cain't repeat it!

Anna:  But it's a secret.
Aunt Nina:  Can I share it?

Anna: I don't know.

Aunt Nina:  Well, what is it?

Anna:  I don't remember.

William:  I went in the potty, Mommy.

Me:  You're such a big boy, William.
William:  Who's bigger now, me or you?
Me:  Me.

William: Howcome I'm not bigger yet?

Uncle Steve: So, Mom, let me ask you somethin'.
Grandmom: What's that, Steve?
Uncle Steve:  When you were a young thing, did you put gum behind your ear?
Grandmom:  Well, I can't say I didn't.  I think it might be something I would have done.
Steve and Me:  MOM!  You're not helping us here.
Michelle:  Yay, Grandmom!
In case you're wondering...  Following is an exerpt from a conversation earlier in the day:
Uncle Steve to Me:  So, I see  her outside and I see something green behind her ear and I think, "What is that?  A green wart?"  and I say, "What's that behind your ear, Michelle?"  And the girl grabs the green wart and pops it in her mouth just like that! (Imitates the ear to mouth "popping" motion.) And I'm watching her and I think I'll throw up!
Michelle: giggles.
Uncle Steve:  Why did you do that?
Me:  It's disgusting, Michelle! Why would you do that?
Michelle:  It saves on gum -- and money!
Uncle Steve:  I'll buy you some gum, girl, if you're that poor.
And there ended the chief controversial discussion of the day, as half the crowd went outside to sit in lawn chairs, gab, and swat mosquitoes, while the other half pretended to watch baseball, while they dozed on the couch. 
It was unanimously concluded that today's feast was the best in a long time.  (Hotdogs, ribs, pork and beans,  gaspacho straight from the garden, and roasted corn on the cob)   The dessert was a popular success.  (The crumbs from crumbled and failed zucchini bread muffins made into bread pudding).  All agreed that the company was excellent and the children were fairly well behaved. The only question remaining at the end of the day is whether Michelle will continue to put chewed up gum behind her ear or take up Uncle Steve on his offer to be her fresh gum supplier...
Here's hoping everyone had a blessed and joy-filled Labor Day holiday!


Diana said...

The intellectual conversation at family get togethers can be quite fascinating! I'll have to write down some of ours sometime!

It sounded like a fun day Lisa!
Love Di

Linda Higgins said...

Lisa, that sounds like an awesome day with family! I loved the lung thing..hehehe,and the ribs looked so delicious! No BBQ here, pretty quite tonight but...we did had a fun surprise I was NOT expecting.. which totally made my weekend!

MightyMom said...

first time she has to cut it out of her hair she'll stop.

since you don't do facebook and friday's a long time away I'll let you sneak this tidbit...

"Momma! Skeletons have belly button bones and LEG bones!"


Sarah - Kala said...

I love this post. I miss my family so very much (my husbands side, too). It is great here in Hawaii, but I!

Heather said...

I love it, thanks sharing! Sounds like some of the silly things that go on around here, but somehow I can never remember them to tell later, lol!