Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Monday Daybook

What I've been thinking... I've been trying to get going on a good diet, but keep getting waylaid.  Michelle and I went on our hiking date yesterday, and so, of course, I had to have some trail mix and a cinnamon roll from a little general store we passed...  And, my birthday's coming up the end of this week, so, well, naturally, I'll have to take that day (or maybe the whole weekend...) off...  I have no will power.  It's awful.
I am reading... Recently finished an old Mary Roberts Rinehart novel called Haunted Lady. Those old who-dunnits are so much fun -- and no worries about them getting off-color!  Probably won't pick up a new novel for a while, though -- just too busy, and it's too easy to get engrossed.
What I'm wearing... peach and green gypsy skirt, peach blouse.
What's new... My brother, Steve, and his son, Marky, brought their camper out to spend the weekend with us.  We'll be having a barbecue, with them (since Unca Steve is the BBQ King of the Universe) and the rest of our extended family this Labor Day afternoon.  Another reason to not diet.
From the garden... We were starting to have a grasshopper problem, so I had the bright idea of letting some chickens in to take care of a few of them.  Which they did.  But they also ate half my cucumbers.  (They actually peck at them in such a way that they hollow them out like little cucumber boats.) And they completely trampled my zucchini plants.  If it had been anything but zucchini, such a thrashing would have been the end of the growing season.  But, well, you know how zucchini is?  Two days later, they were stretching out their big ole leaves and growing new ones, while simultaneously continuing with their nonstop squash production.  Our economy should recover so quickly.
I'm thankful for... the close proximity of most of my family and will be glad to see my parents and five of my six siblings today.  I do miss my little brother, Dave, and his new family, though! (Pictured at right.)  When Dave moved to Georgia to be with his girl, we lost the life of our parties -- or one of them anyway.  There's a big gap now!  I don't know how families do it that when everyone ends up being scattered all over the country.  It must be really hard.  And lots of mileage must get racked up!
We're creating... Actually, we've been spending the weekend beginning to winterize.  Since we live in an old stucco house, we have to go through annually and patch cracks and separations in the exterior walls.  We're also prepping to repair some bad window sills and paint some trim outside.
A few plans for the rest of the week... Besides all the regular stuff, schooling, laundry, and so on --  I get to research what kind of camera Dan's going to surprise me with for my birthday.  I would love any suggestions!  Since I'm nothing but an amateur, it needs to be easy to use, easy to download.  I'd  like it to be faster than my old camera in every way, and I'm used to the good sound and filming ability in my old camera, and would like to have that again.  Naturally, I'd like it to have good picture quality.  And be less than $100.  &:o)  No, I'm kidding.  Though that'd be nice, I think Dan would go higher than that.
One of my favorite things... Campfire marshmallow roasts with the family in the front ten.  Pictures coming of that later. Spending time with each of my children, one on one. Pictures and stories of my hike with Michelle coming this week, too. 
Here is a picture thought I'm sharing...
Getting as much summer in as we can while we can.
Top to bottom, left to right: William at the apex; Gabe and Anna, being supported by Catherine, Michelle and Theresa at the base.
(Sprinkler water dotting my lens here left it a little smudgy...)

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Diana said...

It's so nice Lisa, being able to have your family with you today. Forget the diet with all of that B.B.Q. going on!
I love chickens. Love watching them. The cucumber boats made me laugh, sorry. But I can picture the chickens enjoying them!
Sounds like your day will be good, enjoy! Love Di

Josh said...

Without having done any research on current models, I can tell you that I bought a Kodak Z1285 about 2 years ago and have been very happy with its price, resolution/ photo quality and ease of use. It's now priced at $180.


Enjoy the last few hours of "summer"!

Laura said...

Cucumber canoes?
Great visual!

Bia said...

my husband is always supplied with "surprise" gift ideas . . . he somehow even knows where to get the item, how much it is, and the dates it will still be on sale. sometimes he even magically knows the size and color!

Linda Higgins said...

Oh dear, winterizing so soon! I would be panicked if I had to right now. I am still melting here. Last week 106 and this Labor Day weekend in the 90's. Birthday! OOOHHHH new camera..exciting! I want one too, I have my eye on a Cannon but it is a little pricy over 300....I just want something that will last me forever.....hehehe I sure hope Santa gets all my clues!

MightyMom said...

this is almost the same as my "new" camera and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

and best has it for 15 bucks.
what more could you want??? what are you waiting for??


MightyMom said...

hahaha 15 that's funny!

150 is what that's sposed to say....... I was distracted by THE CHICKENS IN YOUR GARDEN!!!!!