Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How 'Bout Dem Rockies?

Paul is in Anaheim, CA competing in the FBLA national finals, and got to see the Rockies beat the Angels 11-1 last night. That makes 18 wins in the last 17 games!
When Paul checks in, I'll let ya know how he did in his competition.
* Um... Make that 17 wins in the last 18 games... Woops.


diana said...

having lived in southern california, i have a soft spot for the dodgers and angels, but not when they're playing the rockies. it's been fun to watch the rockies doing so well.

what's fbla?

Lisa said...

Diana ~ My husband is from So. CA, too, but has happily switched allegiance. &:o)

FBLA stands for "Future Business Leaders of America." Paul won a couple categories in the state competition and is now trying for national titles. It looks good on a resume, and he has the opportunity to make lots of business connections that might serve him well later on. (He's a senior in college.)

Linda Higgins said...

Hi Lisa! I loved your posts the past few days! Oh my goodness you SCORED big time on all the wonderful stautes and yard ornaments! I am so jelous! I can't believe you got all that for under a $100! Your picture of the rainbow and clouds and fields is mezmorizing to me. I am such a fan of clouds and rainbows, just the sky in general amazes me. Like the ocean, it is endless. Your little one took such fun pictures...I loved the toilet one! and who is to say that it isn't ART! I want the windmill! I had one just like it, I had it outside and the weather, really weathered it and it fell apart, it was in my rose garden, which really should have been a tulip garden. How fun that would be to plant tulips around it! Glad to hear you had an wonderful weekend! Glad I am alive again! hugs....lindalu

Blessings each day said...

Pitifully I know little about sports except that I start feeling sorry for the other team if they get beaten too badly! But I do have a warm spot for teams my late hubby and my son have rooted for! (Michael does not follow sports, something his own dad passed on to him).

Will say a prayer for Paul's success in FBLA.

blessings with hugs,


p.s. I am wise enough to know that I am the one blessed with you gems that God has entertwined my life with!!

GrandmaK said...

GO ROCKIES!!! Will be "home" in about two weeks!!!! I am soooo excited! Cathy