Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ponderings From the Hammock

You might be able to tell from the header photo up there that our hammock is near a little wilderness. It's actually right on the edge of a small forest within many square miles of countryside. I love it. Such beautiful views, and all the birdsong...  It would be wonderfully peaceful -- except  for one problem: there are lots of creepy sounds of creaking and randomly snapping twigs and rustling in the underbrush up there!
Hammock-sitters are speculating: is it something perfectly innocuous or something that should come accompanied with scary-warning music? Nobody's heard any screeching violins or repetitive 4-note themes pulsating in the depths of the forest. So... Perhaps what we're hearing really is just the wind, or the dogs and cats, or squirrels and raccoons...
BUT. What if it's really (shiver) the neighborhood mountain lion? Or... (Insert scary music) Is it...

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