Monday, June 6, 2016

Playing "War"

Gabe Terrorism Methods
(While watching the WWII movie, "Midway" this morning):

L: Gabe: really good at deadpan sarcasm
R: William: really good at self-righteous disgust
"So, Hiroshima is in Pearl Harbor?"
"Gabe! It's in Japan!"

"Oh! Then Pearl Harbor is in Japan?"
William chokes on his bagel.
"Are you crazy?! Why would they attack themselves!?"

"And Normandy is an island?"
"Gabe! You're embarrassing me!"

Gabe's over there, hiding a smile behind his blanket.

"And that's Cary Grant, right?"
"Gabe! That's a bald Japanese guy!"

Sooner or later William's going to realize that Gabe's playing him. Hoping it doesn't escalate into violence before then.

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