Sunday, July 26, 2015


* Mass first, of course.

* Then (after an hour's drive back from Omaha), everyone tumbled out of the nice  cool car- into the sauna that is eastern Nebraska -- and changed out of their hot stiff church clothes... 

Most of us stationed ourselves immediately in front of the a/c in the living room, as it's in the mid 90s and it's got to be about 80% humidity. We sat and talked about what we wanted to do about dinner and what movie we might want to watch later in the evening...

* But then, we got word that we had to run out and round up the chickens because  Penny's idea of playing with them was not going over very well. So much for free-ranging these hens at the new house, I guess! 

So, the kidlets ran out in their bare feet, of course.  I stopped to put my shoes on -- and grab my camera.  Naturally.  And (oh darn!) by the time I got outside, they'd already captured and penned all the hens. (These guys are good!) So, instead of some exciting hen-catching photos that would make our day look wildly athletic,  I could only manage a couple calm, quiet, peaceful Sunday afternoon vignettes. Like these:

"Nice Kitty."

Hot Doggy

Ripening Tomatey
 * And then back into the house to cool off and make some food:

We'd decided to get together some cold-prep finger foods for our afternoon meal.
No one wanted to heat up the house anymore than it already is by turning on the oven!
Seen here: my new/old circa 1950 Sunbeam mixer. Works like a charm! Isn't it
beautiful? Practically like new!  And it came with its original manual, a cookbook,
two glass bowls (this one and a larger one), and a juicer. We used it to make
 some pineapple dip to go with some Ritz crackers. Yummm... (Dangerously addictive!)
Also seen here: a couple tomatoes and cukes from the garden.
More of today's meal, some deviled eggs and some garden basil to go with the tomatoes.
* So, of course we ate some. -- cleaned up the kitchen a little -- and then:

Theresa doing one of the things she does best.

Cathy writing a letter.

William communing with his kindred spirit, Calvin
(with Hobbes).

 Anna on her name day-- taking her turn at the
Dan had a hankering for pesto and made up a batch.

 And then there's Gabe.
Catching up after a tiring week at Boys' Camp.
And I'm walking around taking pictures and posting them here on my blog, while drinking iced tea and nibbling on deviled eggs...  Next, a movie -- Night prayers-- Hugs all around -- and another quiet Sunday is in the books.  We can never have too many of these.  There truly is no place like home!

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auntie said...

Soak it in dearest. The future full of kids in the four corners of the globe is a mighty quiet one. Though hubby and I enjoy and treasure our time of being a couple again it is hard to let go of the background noises that comes from a passel of kidlets running around.