Thursday, July 9, 2015

On the Feast of St. Maria Goretti

 Thinking about little Maria Goretti today.  Her story is both horrifying and awe-inspiring. At only eleven years old she fought off a rapist and, choosing death over impurity, was stabbed 14 times -- and then died forgiving her attacker. As a mother of four daughters, this scenario fills me with both horror and awe.

She was only eleven. years. old, little Maria. Such a terrible terrible thing to happen to a child.  It's my worst nightmare as a mother, this kind of threat involving one of my girls.  But how proud I would be if they responded like this little one!  I mean, think about it.   How many of us have so well-formed a conscious and are so courageous as adults that we would not only fight to the death to protect our purity -- but then die with such charity and forgiveness for our murderer?  It's almost incomprehensible! Especially in a day when the word "purity" is only used to described drinking water or organic foods. The world-at-large no longer even comprehends the concept of virginal purity -- that it is one of the highest goals and greatest treasures we have as people.  But little Maria knew, and died protecting her treasure.  And then... such charity on her deathbed!  This was a child raised well in life, and cradled in the arms of Grace at her death.  So many examples for us to contemplate in the life and death of this little girl.

 Pray for us, dear little Maria!  Our world needs your piety and courage now more than ever!

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